Pool Rock Waterfall Miami Florida

Pool Rock Installation

Miami, Florida Boulder installation for waterfalls...

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Jacuzzi waterfall Miami Florida

Jacuzzi Waterfalls

Miami, Florida; Pool Contractor: Worldwide Pools Landscape Architect: Orlando Comas...

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Pool Waterfall Install Miami Florida

Pool rock waterfall

Miami, Florida Waterfall design and Installation Boulders hand selected from North Carolina and Tennessee...

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Outdoor kitchen and fireplace Connecticut

Outdoor Fireplace

Old Lyme, Connecticut Pink granite stone fireplace with copper and bluestone...

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Stone walls and pillars Connecticut

Stonework in Connecticut

Old Lyme, Connecticut Entrance design. Stone walls, pillars, boulders...

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Stone Pillars Connecticut

Stone Pillars

Old Lyme, Connecticut Pink granite stone pillar installation...

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Stone Staircase Connecticut

Staircase and Walls

Old Lyme, Connecticut Pink granite stone staircase, walls and pillars...

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Outdoor fireplace Connecticut installtion

Outdoor Fireplace

Old Lyme, Connecticut Fireplace construction...

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Walls and steps Connecticut

Walls and Staircase

Old Lyme, Connecticut Pink granite walls and staircase under construction Pink granite from local quarry...

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Stonework rockwork Connecticut

Stonework and Rockwork

Old Lyme, Connecticut Entrance terrace to front yard design Boulder installation with bluestone and pink granite wall stone...

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Stonework Connecticut

Front Yard Design Project

Old Lyme, Connecticut Design/Build of outdoor living space Pink Graninte Stone from local granite quarry...

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Outdoor Fireplace Connecticut

Outdoor Fireplace

Old Lyme, Connecticut Outdoor kitchen design and installation...

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Masonry and Stonework by Waterfalls, Fountains & Gardens Inc. is a waterfall and stone installation company.  Masonry and Stonework by Matthew Giampietro